*Foreign Devil


Gweilo, originally, means foreign devil in cantonese. It's now evolved to become a rather casual term, designating a foreign person. Our goal with this journal is to define our community through your talent and creativity, in order to prove that we are more than just, Gweilos.

I was crying my lungs out in the bathroom stalls. The bell had gone off 20 minutes ago and I still wasn’t in class. My tear ducts were dry and my mind a ball of flames. I heard the bathroom door open and I saw a pair of shoes walk in from under the stall door. They wal...

I stumbled through the doorway of my home and blindly reached out for the light switch. I turned it on, and went straight to the fridge. As I did so, I heard Walter pat me on the back.

“You did good.”

I smiled a little, and proceeded to take my suit off. It’d been a good...

On the trip home I didn’t see Walter anywhere. I got worried. Did he leave me?

I fumbled my keys as I tried to open the door to my home. They fell to the ground. The door opened, and I could discern Walter’s silhouette. He pulled me up close so I could see his eyes. The...


Ezra looked at me and laughed. We were on the porch of his house and had been chucking stones into a small pond in front of it.

“So you want to ask her out? Right after your best friend dumps her?”


“And so you start the conversation by sending her some painting...

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