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Gweilo, originally, means foreign devil in cantonese. It's now evolved to become a rather casual term, designating a foreign person. Our goal with this journal is to define our community through your talent and creativity, in order to prove that we are more than just, Gweilos.

I was crying my lungs out in the bathroom stalls. The bell had gone off 20 minutes ago and I still wasn’t in class. My tear ducts were dry and my mind a ball of flames. I heard the bathroom door open and I saw a pair of shoes walk in from under the stall door. They wal...

June 15, 2018

I was sitting next to Sarah, and behind me Ezra and Luke were chatting away. In my mind, I was thinking of Iris, she promised she’d see me in an hour, she said she really wanted to talk to me. Was this the moment? She hadn’t talked to me much since the party the weeken...

June 15, 2018

Dior, j’adore.
Dehors, je dors.
SDF des pavés.
Issu d’une jeunesse dépravée.
Jeune homme qui n’assume pas son génome.
Banania, y’a bon.
Diabète, vagabond.
Marlboro, y’a bon,
Le poumons, en charbon.
Ducros : Épicez vos sens.
Moi, je pisse dans ce sens.
Shiva : Vous alle...

C’est ton regard croisant le mien.

Ton sourire de satisfaction,

La façon dont tu fronces tes sourciles.

Tes yeux qui se plissent pour avoir l’air sérieux.

Une, deux ? Ah non une.

Je ne vois pas la différence. J’y suis perdue.

C’est compliqué. Il y en a combien ?

Être la seule...

J’aime les coquelicots, leur air éphémère et leur rouge porteur de douceur

Entre l’eau et la terre se dressent des sommets vertigineux, des bois épineux

Voilà donc les roches nymphéennes et leur tumulte homogène

Abeilles, bourdons et sauterelles en accordéon


To Maddie,

She ceases you like Medusa,

Leaves the heat in your heart concrete, sturdy, immutable, you stay for her to keep,

It tries to convulse but she’s still there to watch those stifled beckonings, beckonings lost in the eternal sleep.

She condescends to you like Medus...

There’s a little kid playing in the sand.

Through the season, through the years.

There’s a full grown man playing in the sand.

His castles, sculpted over the time, reflect his hard work through every intricate and small detail, built as high as the clouds, wash away with...

May 31, 2018

The soft snow at my feet was calling my name. I could hear it murmur in my ear, kindly ordering me to come closer. My legs, covered in bruises, fell to the ground, as if controlled by the mountain. I found myself laying on the chilly snow. I felt it melting into fresh...

May 29, 2018

         Ah ! Un mot qui nous touche directement cette semaine. En effet, pour les lettres X et Y, plutôt de vous proposer des mots français peu intéressants, je vous propose un interlude asiatique. Nous commencerons donc avec le mot chinois Xiangqi (象棋) qui signifie l...

I stumbled through the doorway of my home and blindly reached out for the light switch. I turned it on, and went straight to the fridge. As I did so, I heard Walter pat me on the back.

“You did good.”

I smiled a little, and proceeded to take my suit off. It’d been a good...

Elle pleure la journée mais surtout la nuit

Elle reste cachée, personne ne le sait

Elle est belle de nature et très convoitée

Mais sous ses airs heureux

Son coeur implose.

Elle rêve, se fait des films

Elle imagine sa vie, avec l’amour de sa vie

Celui qu’elle cherche partout


May 24, 2018

Parfois, souvent, très souvent, je me demande pourquoi l’homme, se compare sans arrêt à l’autre… comme s’il ressentait le besoin incessant de ressembler à quelqu’un pour s’oublier lui même et correspondre à ce mot sec, sans aspérités : les “normes” de la société. C’est...

I adore the name of the journal a bunch of friends from school and I created. I love it, not just because it sounds nice, poetic and round as if it softly yet decisively rolled off my tongue. I love it because it holds so much more than 6 letters and one simple meaning...

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