*Foreign Devil


Gweilo, originally, means foreign devil in cantonese. It's now evolved to become a rather casual term, designating a foreign person. Our goal with this journal is to define our community through your talent and creativity, in order to prove that we are more than just, Gweilos.

April 12, 2018

Dear you,

Please stop. Yes you. It’s hard enough as it is.

You the one that jokes around. Why? Why even pay attention to me if inside you don’t really know me? You allow yourself to make me feel bad. Me, trying to be myself and not pay attention to anything you say. It s...

October 8, 2017


You do not know me personally, but there are many of us out there. Watching, contemplating, breaking. Watching, because we cannot look away. Contemplating, because we can’t get it out of our minds. Breaking, because that’s what it physically feels like. We are no...

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