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A guide to surviving our universe 

by Jessica Cathala

Bonsoir chers lecteurs,

Le How To de cette semaine sera (exceptionnellement ?) en français. Le thème: le voyage. Si vous avez déjà lu “Une Histoire D’ailleurs”, vous connaissez sûrement mon point de vue dessus. Si non, vous pouvez toujours le lire ici. Les examens appro...


I realize that the vast majority of us, students, are currently crying under our pillows because it is the end of the school year and exams are coming up. Therefore, this week’s How To will be about getting your shit together and surviving through your classes unti...

Hiya !

This How To is a special edition for all the authors that think that we forgot or don’t like their works. Don’t be frustrated, you will see throughout this Step by Step guide how things are really going behind the scene and how much time it takes for a piece to b...

April 20, 2018

Some time ago, I realized - during an occasional existential crisis - how hard it was to live without my phone, and especially without social networks. I could not get off them while I was on vacation, and there was NOTHING going on online! I ended up erasing, re-downl...

Yo guys,

I am currently developing a “newer” approach to the “How To” section of Gweilo, and as most of us are finaly on vacation, I am leaving you with something that we can all relate to these days: submitting a homework on time, without missing the deadline. You’ll s...

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