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You were another man’s

I can’t say, how unhappy I am.

My love defies

Both space and time.

Look into my eyes,

And tell me you are mine

I feel your hands touching my own

In a dance with you, I sway and drown

Are you just flirting,

Or are you honest?

Are you just hurting,

With a fake promise?

I stay awake, I can't sleep.

To your face, my heart beats

Memories of you and I

Passing by…

Visions of what to be

Simply flowing free;

Will you leave me lonely?

I'll wait for your loving touch.

I love you far too much

In darkness I will wait again

You make me convulse in pain

I hear angels, sing from the skies.

I hear God, order me not to try

I will ignore, not wondering why

But you walk away, with no goodbye.

In my sleep, I will cry.

You are everything, I want to see.

You’ll be for whom I try to be.

Take my broken heart

Give it a go;

Pull me apart

And tell me no.

I will remain, where you have left me.

I will remain, under you, still unfree.

Is this what you wanted?

Is this why you tried?

Are you still undaunted?

Glad to know I cried?

I would have left paradise and all

So my name would by you be called

I gave you all I had

And promised you more.

You just made me sad

Behaving like a whore

What else, do you have in store?

For I will wait for your loving touch

I know I love you far too much

In darkness, I will wait again

And I can start to feel the burning pain

I hear thousands of angels, up in the sky

I even hear God, telling me not to try

I will ignore, wondering why

But you turn away, with no goodbye

I see a light, from up in the sky

I can’t hear God, not over your cry

I can’t ignore, I want to know why

But I can’t no longer, you said goodbye

Under these clouds, there is no sky

Forsaken by God, I walk the line

I try to ignore, your distant cry

But I return, as you speak that line