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The Look

As I gazed into his eyes, his deep blue eyes I got lost in a world of dreams. It's a trap, the longer you look the further you go. You can travel through his eyes into his heart and feel all the emotions a man has endured. The blue wonder of his eyes, transported me back to the ocean reflecting the waves, each wave of life that he had surfed and conquered. In the depth of his arms, I felt reborn, he was a beam of sun in my ordinary life. Only little did I know that it was the last beam I would ever see, as from now onwards the sun of my life was to leave and stay with the moon forever. As the sun fell behind the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink he got ready for his journey, the kind of journey from which you never come back. He kissed me gently, like you kiss a baby, and with his last breath whispered, “my world is about you, I have lived for you, and my departures doesn't mean I won't be here anymore, only, it means I’ll be right” and as he pulled every last bit of strength in his body, he lightly touched my heart. “Every beat you will hear, is the sound of my voice saying I love you”. Within seconds he was gone. He took his soul on a trip and went to conquer the stars above. The sky was now dark velvet overhead, sequined with stars, like an everlasting patchwork, and I smiled as I saw him. Tears pooled in my eyes, like a gentle ocean resembling my bleeding heart. How was I to live far from home. My home was his smile, his laugh, his eyes, him. Golden memories were dancing past my eyes. A shiver ran down my spine as I relived every single one of them. Far from home alone in this country side that I knew like the palm of my hand loneliness conquered me. My mind was a whirl of colours and memories, emotions and struggles I hadn't been prepared for. I took a last glimpse into his eyes, it's wonderful how they can take you on a never-ending journey, sometimes you wish to stay on the train accompanying you there. However, the last glimmer of his eyes had shone, and was not intending on coming back.