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A Shift to Unity

C. Ines Vanlaeys

Throughout the past 50 years or so, the rise of a globalised view of the world, widely supported by the exponential development of digital technologies (as of June 2017, 51% of the world's population is on internet), has effectively united numerous communities of human beings throughout the world, thus leading to the birth of a seemingly strong international community.

However, it is undeniable that humanity as a whole is going through an unprecedented “planetary crisis”, whose symptoms are but are not limited to global warming, the rarefaction of essential natural resources and military conflicts of frightening magnitudes; these are only byproducts of a destructive capitalist paradigm.

Shared ecological and economical issues should provoke a collective awareness leading to the strengthening of intercultural solidarity and universal brotherhood. Yet, human beings are barricading themselves up behind distinct identities, as can be noticed when looking at the proliferation of nationalism and religious or cultural sectorisation. This sort of reaction to threats to individual and collective stability has been noted at numerous instances throughout history. However, social change is and has always been inevitable, it is a vital measure in the development of any form of civilization.

What humanity most desperately needs is a change in widespread mentalities, a shift in perspective on the way its relationship to itself and to the planet should be managed.