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How To: Cécile de Rougemont

How to: be the ray of sunshine,

Cecile De Rougemont

Step 1: Do it and think later

Do you know the saying that says to think before you act? Well, Cecile doesn’t. Despite her crazy and irrational decisions, she always seems to end up in the right place. If you know her well, you will remember what happened on a particular night in Lamma Island. So, if your dream is to be like her, just don’t think about what you should do. Go for it.

Step 2: Add glitter everywhere you go

All you should do is spice up your look or even throw a bottle of glitter on everyone in your class just for the hang of annoying them. Most would be angry, but inside, they all love to see sparkles in the corridors of our simple school.

Step 3: Your look must be very flashy

If you see Cecile in the corridors, chances are she’ll be wearing a big vest covered in patches of colour, or even a furry pink outrush vest. Her clothing style isn’t like any other. It can go from a lace orange shirt to a large red pair of jeans that fall to her feet.

Step 4: Live amongst the stars

One of the significant problems with Cecile, is the fact that she forgets almost everything though she’ll eventually get away with thanks to her beautiful smile. But some of her actions are far more annoying than others. Most of the time, when you talk to her about something whether it’s about something important or not, she’ll probably randomly start a conversation with someone else (GYGY). Most of her friends would just let it go because it’s Cecile (but for my part, I get irritated very fast.)

Step 5: Always know that food comes before guys

I hope you know how to cook! Because this intriguing little lady takes her cooking lessons on Saturday afternoons very seriously. She sometimes even prepares little surprises for her friends like some little lemon tarts to sweeten our day.

Step 6: Be easy-going

The definition of easy-going is someone that is relaxed, tolerant and not prone to rigid rules or bouts of temper. Well, you could maybe add the name Cecile into that as well. She is always laid back and goes with the flow, doesn’t try to manipulate people or push to make things happen. This girl is the one that is going to accept your flaws and listen to you go on and on about your problems while still being tolerant and compassionate.

Step 7: Easy on the eyes

The problem with Cecile is that when you know her and become her friend, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her. This soon to be woman is what you call a ray of sunshine. She lightens up the room with her smile and the radiant colours she wears. Her harmonious figure mixed with what she thinks are imperfections, makes her the most radiant human being in our school.


That is one of the flaws of our little Cecile. She always has something to complain about. It might be about her clothes, about her little brother going in her room while she was walking around naked, about Ann her maid that all her friends call the devil, about the weather, about your bad mood, or even complain about that random weird guy that stole her speaker because for some reason he hated her music and called it shit. BTW, that is the worst thing you could ever do. Whoever dares to criticises her music or even worse, take her speaker, will have to deal with her friends (particularly me). Her music is what she uses to escape to her own little world, don’t dare and destroy it.

Step 9: Shine bright like a diamond

This particular teenage girl is always happy. It is extremely rare to see her in a bad mood. Her laughter surpasses any noise that surrounds her. She still seems to be the most comfortable girl in the world because she never tries to complicate her life by overthinking random situations. If you see her running around or even dancing in the corridors, it is incredibly normal, don’t worry.

Step 10: Don’t try. It won’t work

If your goal after reading this “how to” was to become Cecile, please give up, it’s for your own good. No one gets to be Cecile except for her. The particular thing about this girl is that she’s unpredictable. Even I, being one of her best friends, had a tough time writing this. She has so many personalities and is still changing to grow into her future self. Cecile is the most incredible young woman I have ever met. It’s hard to wrap your head around her, especially now when this bundle of joy is becoming more and more mature making it very interesting to be her friend