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How to: be a Hot Mess

  1. Be born.

  2. Realize you probably shouldn’t have done that but accept that it’s too late now and just roll with it (you’ll repeat this step throughout the whole process so get familiar with it).

  3. Be very ambitious and yet extremely lazy.

  4. Be in heat and yet afraid of humanity.

  5. Want to be a bad bitch and yet be scared of what people think about you.

  6. Accept that your life's falling to shambles but know that its easier to accept if you’re looking on point.

  7. Spend hours in front of the mirror to not even change a thing.

  8. Have a slight tendency to overthinking situations (author’s note: this is the main key to achieving hot-messitude).

  9. Get pissed for the most unimportant things but ignore any major issue.

  10. Admit that you’re just a mess, but add “hot” in front of it because your underwear is cute.