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The Power of a Colour

The Power of a Colour: #WhyWeWearBlack

C. Sidney Jones

There were some things about the 2018 Golden Globes ceremony that were nothing different from the many ceremonies before it. The red carpet dazzled with all the well-known faces of Hollywood, wearing their designer dresses and posing effortlessly for the paparazzi. To a random onlooker, the laughter amongst mingling celebrities and the clink of champagne glasses would seem nothing out of the ordinary. If the ordinary was a collective discourse on sexual harassment, that is.

People from every corner of the entertainment industry came together, each of them wearing the colour black to raise awareness for Time’s Up, an initiative to raise money towards the mitigation of sexual harassment in the workplace. Some people wore pins and badges, some made powerful speeches, while some let their attire speak for themselves. It was a powerful beginning to a year preceded by turbulence and conflict.

Some people may find it hard to understand how a simple colour could help level the playing field for men and women in the workplace. Let me take this moment to remind you; the most intense emotions possess the boldest colours. When we rage, we see red. When we mourn, we see blue. And now, when we are determined and focused on mutual compassion and acceptance across all genders, we see black.

Colour has always been at the core of human expression. Therefore, after a year of disturbing revelations and disappointments, we must express ourselves. We must show solidarity and companionship, and remind those around us that change is powerful. Black is powerful.

Together, we are stronger.

Together, we can truly ensure that everyone has a voice.

Together, we can look at sexual harassment in the eye and say, “Your time is up.”

And that is why we wear black.