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Gold Thoughts

If it makes life worth living, if it makes you feel alive, write about it.

Write about those months dancing away at the beach with people you’d die for. The way the sun felt on your glistening tan back, grains of salt and sand stuck in between your toes as you lay on that pontoon two summers ago. Glowing like supernova.

Write about those grey winter afternoons spent curled up in coffee shops, your cheeks matching your bright red sweater, finding comfort in solitude. Your earphones blast The Cure as you have a book laid out in front of you, heartbeat calm and steady with every sip of coffee you take.

Write about electric laughter bouncing of kitchen tiles from times spent cooking pancakes with your best friend each Sunday morning, giggling away to the worries of fourteen year olds. That playlist you made together mingling with the smoke alarm, soundtracking the best years of your existence together.

Write about that feeling of galaxies coursing through your veins from nights spent dancing on light-up floors amongst flashing lights, heeled feet stumbling along streets of neon. Your vision is hazy, heart soft and warm from the buzz of alcohol. Each night young and glittering as you look up at different coloured eyes.

Write about how you settled for green eyes. Blonde-tipped eyelashes and red-tinted cheeks, hands interlocked through parks, along harbour fronts, curled up in bed, heart growing bigger and bigger. No beginning, no end, just white noise and Gold thoughts.

So hear it from me. Write about the split seconds of moments that make your insides glow, for memories decay and you are fated to too. Write about that sunset you're standing under, for the sky will never look that way again.

C. Lara Duong