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A Breeze of Melancholy

Torwards oblivion we walk,

Conjoined like the sea in the dark.

Yet lovely do our lights remain,

While they are ours to tame.

But doth this sea like a human cry?

When my flacid arms cannot find a why?

How curiosity is fascinated by the haunting of the cold breeze.

In what it makes man like paper crease,

That with a wiff pushes my soul to cease,

And this power all my energy robs with just a simple tease.

During these shadows of once broken dreams.

Even so isn't what man does best to believe?

When a human soul as fickle as this can no purpose retrieve?

Nevermind the steel which no force can bend,

For people contrary to machines rend.

However remind yourself how short this poem seems,

To prove to yourself sadness this shortlived greens.