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Happiness is

It’s a sense of accomplishment. You’ve gotten there. It’s dropping your coins and laughing because of how god-damn disorganised you are. It’s eating remaining ice cubes from your drink in the freezing ferry wind and it doesn’t matter that you’re cold. You’re already so warm inside from seeing people that make you grin and giggle, with whom you share your accomplishment without even saying it (even though I am now whoops).

Happiness is going back to your crazy supportive parents instead of staying with those friends because it’s the right thing to do, and you’re getting back on track with building a proper relationship with them.

It’s listening to bad music and getting so into it it sounds like the best song in the world.

It’s opening up your laptop to write a cheesy article, while there are no stars, but there might as well be, the night is so magical, all you need is your laptop’s gentle lull and you forget that the stars aren’t there. Hell, you’re over the moon!

Tough times eh? Many of us have been going full speed these past few weeks, good news is that, today, it’s all over. I am so grateful the universe allowed me to notice this one small moment of bliss. Make sure you catch yours.

Be proud of yourself man, you made it through. Take a sec' to be conscious of all the magic out there. Allow for little spaces of empty thought. Let your mind wander. Wander through the exhaustion, distorting your view like a glistening veil. Make small things matter. It’s easier for them to make you happy that way.

Bask in the empowerment, the pride, human exchange and connection, let go for a bit. You got through it, you’re okay and you deserve it.

Gweilo baby’s proud o’ you.