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Walter #2

She really was the most wonderful being to ever set foot upon this Earth. She was anything you’d look for in a woman, smart, beautiful, interesting and creative. She was a pearl in a sea of blandness. As I listened to her speak from the back of the class, I couldn’t help but feel my heart jolt. She really knew everything about everything. She never spoke to say nothing, and yet she spoke often. Luke honestly didn’t deserve her. I felt my guts turn over and sorrow seep into my soul whenever I’d think about those two. I was going to see Luke this evening, I had to.

Seated upon the roof of Luke’s house, smoking cigarettes, we watched the neighborhood go to sleep.

This really is beautiful and ugly at the same time…” I thought aloud.

“How so?” Luke looked over at me puzzled.

“Well, man’s creation is everywhere. Look around you, those trees, those hedges, they’re all planted there by man. They don’t belong there. The houses, the roads, the street lights, everything, none of it is natural. It’s disfiguring nature. And yet, it possesses something nature never will. This symmetry and order. This kind of uniform uniqueness. I’m not quite sure how to put it…” I inhaled the smoke from the cigarette.

“And here we are smoking trash on top of man’s creation.” Laughed Luke.

“So Luke, how you been?”

“I dunno… To be honest, I’m not really content right now… I’m not sure why…”

“Is it Amanda?”


“Well, I couldn’t help but notice some sort of chemistry between you two. I honestly get it…”

“Huh, I’d never thought of it that way…”

“I have to say, you are one lucky bastard. The amount of people who would kill to have that girl look at them the way she talks to you.”

“Well, she is very beautiful… And she’s really nice too.”

“I’m surprised, I actually thought you were trying something. Forget it actually.”

“No, no, it’s important you say this stuff to me… I didn’t even realize.” He looked at me radiantly. “That’s so funny, how did I never notice?”

I shrugged and looked out over the neighborhood.

“You know, Luke, if ever you have any troubles, you can always, always, come to me.”

“I will be sure to, Hal, you’re the best problem solver I know.”

How I wish that were true.