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Can't You See

It’s complicated

He said

You don’t understand

He said

I can’t do this anymore

I need time…

All these words, for whom?

For me.

Me listening foolishly.

Me trying to understand.

Me, being me.

I tried,

I tried to become better,

To change my ways for you.

It has been a long time now, understand.

But here I am

Still looking at you.

Something did happen, right?

I may be dreaming.

I may have been dreaming.

It’s a blur, you can’t understand,

It is just fiction.

All too perfect, too perfect to be true,

Too perfect for me.

Can’t you see?

I managed to act cool,

I made you seem like a fool.

But I understand that I couldn’t see.

I, was the fool.

You tried to rule

Rule on something wild.

But not so wild after all…


Can’t you see?

It hasn’t all been too easy.

Can’t you see?

I can’t.