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To my Pals and my Gals

6:45 a.m. Reluctantly, I open my eyes. I reach for my phone because I’m a rotten millennial. WhatsApp Message, received 6:40 from Papa, it reads; “International Women’s day today. What are you going to do with it?”


I’ve learnt that I’m unable to teach you anything, because if you wanted to learn about gender equality you could very well do it yourself. The stats, the news, the blogs, the forums, the debates, the legislation, the pictures, the people around you, the proof, it’s all there. What I strive to do is open up a vein of discussion, encouraging you to explore the subject. The more I read into it the less I know for sure. Its complexities are enthralling, and so, so, so relevant. I like to think that the bottom line is that all genders need to receive equal consideration and opportunity in all social, political and economic environments. Yet although today’s developed societies are evolving towards making a reality of that ideal, ethical questions stand in the way. There are, and should remain undeniable differences between men and women (and perhaps those differences are one more reason that encourages women to “join the table”, the alliance of both genders can only bring more global views). But how do you establish two different, but equal groups?

You see, gender differences aren’t an issue until they interfere with the undeniable discrediting of one group’s intellectual capacities, and basic human rights.

What’s more is that biological factors come into play here too. Human nature has seemed to dictate throughout history that when two groups are different one dominates and the other submits. What if we were to consider domination and submission as specific to two people and not to their gender? Human nature dictates that one party dominates and the other submits but in no way does it dictate that the submissive be female. A great bass player once argued that men naturally have more of an inclination to dominate because of testosterone, but where I miss the logic in his explanation is that men’s having testosterone doesn’t oblige them to impose their dominative urges on women. They simply impose them on people that show little resistance, be it a man or a woman. Gender differences manifest themselves through fashion, mannerisms, relationship dynamics because of hundreds of years of cultural heritage that would be a huge shame, and impossible to neglect, yet I firmly believe that it is possible to preserve these but to make them irrelevant to intellect.

One thing that many gender equality advocates seem to set aside, is that male identity is also an issue that needs to be more openly addressed. The problem is that to first address it it needs to be recognised as an issue, and very few men are willing to do so. If there are issues related to gender inequality that affect men and women, then these can only be resolved by compromise from both sides.

Gentlemen, I’m not asking you to leave the table, if you’re there, then there is no doubt that you’ve earned your spot. I’m saying that the other people sitting across from you shouldn’t only be men, they should be men and women, who, just like you have rightfully earned their spot there.

This is the surface of the way I see things. I have been engulfed by this never ending abyss of witnesses, actors, and thinkers that endlessly provide thoughts and nuances, that in the end, have given me a sense of fulfilment and hope for a gender equal future for myself, my gals, and my pals. Please find a second and research the issue for a bit, what better time to do so than on International Women’s day!!!!

I’ve attached some links that have helped me build my views and that can be a good starting place for people willing to catch a glimpse of the issue. What have you got to lose?