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How To: Submit an Assignment in Time

Yo guys,

I am currently developing a newer approach to the How To concept of Gweilo.

Meanwhile, as most of us are finally on vacation, I am leaving you with something that we can all relate to these days: submitting a homework on time with a deadline.

You’ll see, it’s actually not that hard!

PS: this might help some of the Gweilo artists…! *wink*


  • GET GIVEN AN ASSIGNMENT AND A DUE DATE - Take a deep breath, you can survive this.

  • LOOK AT YOUR OTHER SCHEDULED HOMEWORK - Compare their deadlines and mentally rank them by importance.

  • SET IT TO A DAY WHEN YOU HAVE NO OR LESS HOMEWORK - at least 3 days early from the due date.

  • FOLLOW YOUR PLANNING - if you choose to leave it for later, you will regret it!!!

  • WORK ON THE BIGGEST PART OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT DURING THE FIRST DAY - spend a few hours on its plan/core, it’s worth it.

  • FINISH COMPLETING IT OR DO SOME TOUCH UPS ON THE NEXT FEW DAYS – Since you followed your planning, you can take your time: the hardest part is done

  • PROOFREAD/REVIEW EVERYTHING – If it’s a writing piece, check the spelling and your sources

  • SUBMIT YOUR ASSIGNMENT A DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE – And NOT on the due date, a few hours/minutes before.

  • REPEAT PATTERN FOR ALL ASSIGNMENTS – That’s the key to organization!