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How To: Take a Break from Social Media

Some time ago, I realized - during an occasional existential crisis - how hard it was to live without my phone, and especially without social networks. I could not get off them while I was on vacation even tho there was absolutely NOTHING going on online! I ended up erasing, re-downloading, re-erasing and re-downloading the same apps for over one hour.

We don’t realize how much we miss out while we are glued to our screens: computers, phones, video games, TV shows... In fact, life goes on, but without us.

I am therefore leaving you with 5 ideas of entertainments and tips to occupy yourself in order to enjoy life outside of your screen.

Jess (Artistic Team Director)

  • Find new interests or try new things that might actually help you in life: The last season of Les Anges or Les Marseillais is going to be darkening your future rather than brightening it, but you can still watch it if you want to pass the time. What else can you try ? New sports, crafting, cooking, reading, writing, music, photography, drawing... So many possibilities and potential new hobbies !

  • Go outside. To do what ? Take a walk with your pet, take pictures, do some exercise. Sounds cliché but it is really good for your health to reconnect with yourself once in a while. Alternatively, do it with a friend, but do it regularly and don’t take your phone.

  • If you are a creative, make some art. Today, a vast majority of artworks are digitally made, but nothing is more satisfying that the feeling of a piece of art made by your own hands. Arts and crafts, yo!

  • Delete the apps that you use the less (Such as useless games that you like but never actually play) and the social media apps that you can ACTUALLY live without. The temptation to spend more time on your phone will be reduced. I’m not talking about taking a break from them, I’m talking about deleting them for a looong time. (For example, I deleted Facebook and Snapchat because I never use them, but i kept Messenger). Deleting apps → no notifications → less time spent on your phone → more time to live your life to the fullest.

  • At night, turn off your phone (or at least put it on airplane mode if you are setting an alarm) and put it as far away from you as you can. The last thing you’ll want during a weeknight is getting woken up by a non-important notification at 4am or in the middle of a dream. Also, it might not give you brain cancer as fast as it normally would.