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The Hierarchy of Pain

You may see some cry, shriveled like dry prunes

Under the harsh, blinding light.

You may see some keep them in, not seeing the damage inside

For sadness cannot be measured by the quantity or weight of tears

A human emotion nonetheless, as we cry and whimper, scream and shout

Try to express the silence that now is inside the well of our stomachs

The black fabric that shrouds the people in darkness

Or for some, the radiant light

The importance of not forgetting

In the span of seconds, they are gone, removed from this life, removed from the vast space that is the Earth

It is as abundant as it strikes rarely, the Staff of the Messenger

Insignificant, thousands leaving but one stays on your mind

Guilt comes anew, like a cloud ready to burst with rain

But you must not let it consume you

The importance of grieving should be intertwine

With the celebration of living.

Issey Tchitchiama 23/04/18