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How To: Behind Gweilo’s Scene

Hello !

This How To is a special edition for all the authors that think that we forgot about their works.

Don’t be frustrated: you will see throughout this Step by Step guide how things are really going on behind the scene and how much time it takes for a single piece to be published.

As we are currently going over many of the works we have recieved, including some that we have received a very long time ago (which we try to publish in priority), your work might take some time to get published. We sincerely apologize for that.

Kisses on your forehead,

Jess (Artistic Team Director)

  • We receive a piece of writing from a lovely contributor

  • Someone puts it into the To Edit folder under an editor’s name. The editor in charge of the text checks the spelling and grammar to be sure there are no mistakes. (This might take about a week, as reviewing all the details of a text take a while).

  • After the editor checkes the text, he puts it in the To Illustrate folder.

  • The art director reads and re-reads and re-re-reads the text and then contacts THE Gweilo illustrator who might feel like illustrating it. Usually, the art director sends two or more choices of illustrations to the artist. (It then takes around 2 to 3 weeks to get a text illustrated.)

  • After the illustration is done, the text and illustration are both put it in the On The Schedule folder under someone’s name. This is where we write the introductions to the texts and the illustrations.

  • When the introduction is done, we put the final product in the To Publish folder: the piece is ready to be published !