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Walter #5

On the trip home I didn’t see Walter anywhere. I got worried. Did he leave me?

I fumbled my keys as I tried to open the door to my home. They fell to the ground. The door opened, and I could discern Walter’s silhouette. He pulled me up close so I could see his eyes. They were angry.


“What? So now you’re in control of my life? Calm the fuck down, I just spent the best evening of my life.”

He looked at me, and I swore he could have ripped my throat out with his bare hands. But then, he vigorously rubbed his face, cooling himself down. He spoke slow, measuring his words.

“Look, that was reckless. I already told you about this. You could have ruined everything.”

“I’m sorry.” I said, calming down and realizing the mistake I’d made.

“Next time you disobey or go against my wishes, I will leave for good.”

“Okay…” He walked out the door.

I went up to my room and dreamed awake the night away.

“Hal, I honestly think you’ll make it this time…”

I was standing by Ezra, at a party. Iris walked in, dressed in a silver dress. Everyone turned to look, and she blushed and smiled. She walked over to me, still smiling. As she did, I looked over at Ezra.

“Life is for those who can reach out and grab it, it’s stretched out before us, endless and in every direction. We choose to blindfold ourselves and not see that, and I think I learned to rip it off and see for myself.”

“I’ve never seen you this optimistic in a long time. It’s good to see you like this.”

She walked up to me and held my hand. Hypnotized by her smile and charmed by her eyes, I waltzed off with her for the rest of the evening. I was standing at the top of the world, it was all mine for the taking.