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Walter #6

I stumbled through the doorway of my home and blindly reached out for the light switch. I turned it on, and went straight to the fridge. As I did so, I heard Walter pat me on the back.

“You did good.”

I smiled a little, and proceeded to take my suit off. It’d been a good night. My phone rang. I picked it up as I finished my glass of water. It was Luke.

“Hey Hal,” I heard his voice speak into my ear.

“Hey Luke, what’s up?”

“Not much, just wanted to check up on you. How’d the evening go?”

I laughed a little and answered, “it was great. How’d yours go?”

“Yeah, I guess it was alright… Amanda’s cool.”

“That’s great to hear.”

“Yep, so I saw you were with, hum, Iris.”

“Indeed, I was.”

“You know, I’m honestly not that surprised. You two go really well together.”

“Well, thank you. You know nothing’s happened yet, right?”

“Yeah, but I hope something does.”


“Because you’re my friend and this makes me happy. And also because I knew you had something for that girl from the moment you laid eyes on her. How could you not? You’re too much like her.”

“That’s so nice to hear. I really think she’s amazing. I’m going to try something, I think. I’m not making any guarantees though.”

“Well, if I can ever be of assistance, call me up.”

I was riding the bus home after school. I glanced over my playlists. I still smelt her perfume, and her voice still echoed in my ears. I hesitated before pressing play, hanging on to the remnants of her voice. One playlist caught my eye as I waited: “Blue Notes.” It was full of sad songs. My finger hovered over the delete button. “You won’t be needing that any longer.” I thought to myself. But then I stopped. What if it all didn’t go right?

“Delete it.” I heard from behind me. It was Walter.


“It’s what’s keeping you from getting to where you have to.”

“Walter, leave me alone, I’m doing alright. What will one playlist change?”

“It’s keeping you down, keeping you doubting.”

“Listen, I’m doing fine right now, and the playlist is still there. It has no effect whatsoever.”

“Then delete it.”

“Go away, I’ve been doing fine without you anyway.”

“How do you know you’ve been doing fine? Because people in your class tell you so? Because for some reason she’ll fall in love with you? Because you’re “so much like her”?”

“Walter!” I yelled.

“Listen kid, get rid of that, it isn’t helping you, it’s not doing anything. You’re kidding yourself into thinking you can go something, but you know you won’t, and that’s why you keep it. The minute you’ll start trusting yourself and having confidence in yourself you-“

I shoved my earphones into my ears and pressed play. Blue notes now filled my ears. I held in the tears within my heart and looked forward, faintly hearing Walter yell.

“Here’s a story, it’s sad but true… It’s about a girl, a girl that I once knew. She took my love, then ran around with every single guy in town…

Yes, I shoulda known it from the very start: this girl’ll leave me with a broken heart! Now listen people to what I’m telling you, I’d keep away from a runaround Sue!

I miss her lips and the smile on her face, the touch of her hair and this girl’s warm embrace. So if you don’t want to cry like I do, I’d stay away from a runaround Sue..

Now here’s a moral from that guy who knows, I fell in love and my love still grows. Ask any fool that she ever knew, they’ll all say keep away from a runaround Sue…”