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Sad little girl

Sad little girl,

With sad little dreams, sad little feelings, and sad little thoughts.

Such a pity.

Sad little girl with great friends and family.

But still a sad little girl.

Sad little girl.

Who hoped she would change the world someday.

But sad little girl, for now, has to chase her demons away.

Sad little girl whose envies never meet reality.

Sad little girl who lives in fantasy.

Sad little girl wants to relate.

Sad little girl wanting to be herself.

Sad little girl no one understands.

Or do they?

Sad little girl alone from dusk till dawn.

Fake little girl smiling from sunrise till sundown.

Sad little girl is a hypocrite.

Sad little girl only critiques.

They say sad little girl is a slut,

And so sad little girl gets shut.

Sad little girl can’t get no sleep.

Sad little girl just thinks.

What if? What if?

But life says no and sad little girl falls into a pit.

So deep, so dark,

And not a hand to help her out.

She screams, she despairs,

But without a sound and they’re unaware.

In books, she finds love.

In movies, she finds friends.

In music, she finds herself.

But who is that sad little girl?

Paint on the wall,

But life swallows her all.

What if sad little girl was gone?

What if it would be better?

They say it happens.

People- everyone gets sad too.

But sad little girl doesn’t listen.

No, she is not anyone, she is true.

She is true to herself,

But never on the outside.

She knows her lies and stories

Will keep people away and satisfied.

Sad little girl is a puppet.

But they’ve played too much.

She is broken now and has been left.

No one warned her life would hurt.

Sad little girl thought she found the one,

But even he sometimes lets her down.

Sometimes she hates him, his selfishness.

But not as much as she hates herself.

Sad little girl is disappointed.

All her dreams turned to ashes.

And his words and warm kisses

Are slowly fading in her head.

Poor little girl.

What did she expect?

No one’s perfect.

And her kind is the worst.

She misses her old self.

Happy, carefree.

Now there are many layers and depth.

Now, she’s just another absentee.

Complains and tears,

Every cloud hides a rainstorm.

Pouring rain and vain dreams,

Loneliness in its worst form.

Leave me alone.

You are done for.

I don’t wanna be a sad little girl no more.